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Improve business performance by creating more meaningful engagement amongst customers, prospects, and employees.  Discover how to effectively apply specific cult branding principles we’ve uncovered from decades of working with some of the world’s most cult-like brands.


Does Your Organization Sound Like This?


I'm worried we're not bold enough to be noticed

Unfortunately, many businesses are now led by executives two or more generations removed from the founder. These leaders are often more worried about maintaining the status quo than disrupting it to make a real impact. We, as leaders, need the inspiration, motivation, and know-how to behave more courageously.

We’re not reaping big benefits from word of mouth

Creating advertising is a very different skill set than creating advocates. Brand advocates purchase more and usually pay full price. They don't require constant media and markdowns to transact. They give you the benefit of the doubt when you make mistakes. Advocates forgive and defend your actions.

Our customer insights aren’t creating competitive advantage

Successful brands have actionable insights into the audience segments that enable them to enhance the emotional and rational drivers that affect engagement. Mediocre brands rely on intuition or satisfactions metrics such as NPS, and fail to provide sufficient predictive or prescriptive intelligence to inform crucial decisions. 

Improve How You Allocate Resources.

Through our immersive, application-focused workshops, we help business owners and brand leaders benchmark their current strategies against best-in-class examples, and recommend alternatives ways to organize teams, allocate discretionary funds, and measure impact. Participants gain the knowledge necessary to begin to close the gap between the brand’s current and desired state, and leave with numerous action items based on their results from our proprietary cult brand scorecard.

Workshop Outcomes.

Develop creative ways for brand fans to partake in elevated brand experiences.

Appeal to new customers without the need for constant promotion.

Create products and services that are actually worth talking about.

Capture valuable market share by challenging industry leaders.

Enhance the customer journey by personifying human attributes.

Enjoy greater earned media so others start doing your advertising for you.

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Customize Your Experience. 

We gladly customize content relating to your specific industry or marketing challenge, assuming it falls within our proven expertise. Our instructors are well-versed on a variety of topics relating to internal and external engagement.

Some of examples of what we cover :

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Cult Brand Deep Dive

Cult Brand Deep-Dive

What do the world’s most beloved brands believe?

How do they behave to enable them to significantly and - consistently - outperform their mediocre peers?

Our instructors reveal our research findings present entertaining and educational examples of brand building executed so spectacularly well that it results in Cult-like followers.

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Brand Intervention

Brand Intervention

Is your brand struggling?

Admitting you have a problem is the first step.

The issues plaguing most brands stem from an overemphasis and excessive investment in strategies that yield short-term business results. This workshop teaches leadership teams to self-identify the signs of weakness in their brand and provides guidance on how to address them.

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Marketing Masterclass

Marketing Masterclass

Missing a piece of the puzzle?
In many companies, marketing departments have devolved into solely managing messages and media. Our instructors will help you reimagine your marketing to make a reverberating impact throughout your organization and shape perceptions of your brand. 

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Cult Brand Culture

Cult Brand Culture

The most celebrated and coveted brands share one thing:
Great Culture.
However, just like customers, employees are more promiscuous than ever. They make decisions about where they spend their workdays  based on many factors that HR professionals may be unprepared to address. Learn the essential building blocks of cult brand culture and how leading brands invest in cultivating cult-like fanaticism from the inside out.

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Talent (Mis)management

Talent Management

This workshop, specifically targets agency owners and solopreneurs, identifying a host of fallacies governing decisions that govern decisions related to the hiring and retaining in-house talent.

Aside from effectively positioning your firm and developing appropriate packaged and priced solutions, talent management, is the single biggest contributor to professional success.

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Customer EQ

Customer EQ

Are customer insights a core competitive advantage for your organization?

The world's top companies process actionable insights into specific audience segments that enhance engagement. Learn how to compare and contrast your current analytic or insights methods against the businesses achieving enviable levels of brand advocacy.

2-Day Workshop

$11,999 Instruction In-Person

*Virtual Instruction Unavailable

  • 14 Hours of Instruction
  • In-person Instruction
  • Custom Curriculum
  • 10-20 Participants Ideal

1-Day Workshop

$6,999 Instruction In-person

Virtual Instruction Only $4,999

  • 8 Hours of Instruction
  • Virtual or In-person
  • Custom Curriculum
  • 10-40 Participants Ideal

Keynote Speech

$5,000 Instruction In-person

Virtual Instruction Only $2500

  • 1 Hour of Instruction
  • Virtual or In-person
  • Custom Curriculum
  • Ideal Audience of 50-500
*Flexible rates available for non-profit organizations and educational institutions 

Our Instructors.

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Kim Kozachenko has grown up in the world of People & Culture, both in practice and through strategic innovation, as an executive leader in corporate environments, an entrepreneur, and a consultant. She is a sought-after international speaker and contributor to the talent and business community and has been invited to share at world-class events for LinkedIn, MediaCorp, numerous professional designation associations, and Universities, including Harvard Business School, and  University of Calgary among others.

She holds R.P.R., C.L.C., and A.C.C. designations and is committed to helping individuals and organizations achieve their most audacious goals. She believes that relentless innovation, genuine connections, and transparency will transform global talent practices for the better.


Greg Damus is the Chief Strategy Office at Cult Collective. For over a decade, Greg has worked with notable brands to build and maintain more deeper and more engaging relationships with customers, prospects and staff. He has helped launch one of the top 10 most successful start-ups in U.S. history, assisted a 100-year-old brand in rebranding and forming lucrative relationships with new customer segments, and advised one of the leading healthcare and academic centers in the world on how to achieve cult brand status.

Chris Kneeland is the co-founder and CEO of Cult Collective. His professional passion is helping brand leaders master new ways of engaging customers, prospects, and staff.

Chris regularly speaks at high-profile conferences like SouthbySouthwest, Global Shop, Inbound, NRF, CMA, Digiday and The Gathering, which he co-founded. In addition, he is an adjunct professor at Mount Royal University, holds a Master’s degree in Marketing Communications from Northwestern University, and a Bachelor of Arts from Brigham Young University.



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