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We have learned what it takes to create more meaningful engagement amongst customers, prospects, and employees and are eager to share our findings with you.


The Challenge.

Many of the world’s most iconic businesses are affectionately referred to as ‘cult brands’ given their irrational levels success and customer affinity. But despite numerous desirable competitive advantages, the majority of brands fail to reap the benefits of a cult-like adoration.

In our experience, brands that are unable to achieve cult status display three common characteristics:

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The Solution.

To “benchmark” means “to evaluate or check by comparison with a standard.” Through our immersive, application-focused workshops, Cult helps business owners and brand leaders benchmark their strategies, analytic or insights methods, priorities, teams, and/or budget allocations against best practices found within indisputably enviable cult brands.

Workshop participants will assess their brand’s cult capability using our proprietary cult brand scorecard and leave armed with the knowledge necessary to start to close the gap between the brand’s current and desired states. Workshop outcomes include how to:


Develop creative ways for fans to partake in elevated brand experiences.

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Speaking Topics.

Our speakers have spoken on a variety of topics relating to internal and external engagement and are willing to customize content relating to a specific industry or marketing challenge assuming it falls within their proven expertise. Examples of the wide variety of topics our experts can speak on:

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Workshop Rates.


$1500 virtual instruction

$2500 + travel for in-person instruction

  • 1 hour of instruction
  • virtual or in-person
  • choice of topic


$3500 virtual instruction

$5000 for in-person instruction

  • 4 hours of instruction
  • virtual or in-person
  • choice of topic

Full Day

$7500 virtual instruction

$10,000 for in-person instruction

  • 8 hours of instruction
  • virtual or in-person
  • choice of topic



The Subject Matter Experts.

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Kim K.

Kim Kozachenko has grown up in the world of People & Culture both in practice and through strategic innovation as an executive leader in corporate environments, entrepreneur, and consultant. She is a sought-after international speaker and contributor to the talent and business community and has been invited to share at world-class events for LinkedIn, MediaCorp, numerous professional designation associations, and Universities, including Harvard Business School, University of Calgary, and more.

She holds R.P.R., C.L.C., and A.C.C. designations and is committed to helping individuals and organizations achieve their most audacious goals. She believes relentless innovation, genuine connections, and transparency will transform global talent practices for the better.

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Greg D.

Greg Damus is the Chief Strategy Office at Cult Collective. For over a decade, Greg has worked with notable brands to build and maintain more profound, more engaging relationships with customers, prospects and staff. He helped launch one of the top 10 most successful start-ups in U.S. history, assisted a 100-year-old brand in rebranding and forming lucrative relationships with new customer segments, and advised one of the leading health care and academic centers in the world on how to achieve cult brand status.

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Brad F.

Bradley Foster, the President of Cult Collective, is an award-winning, multidisciplinary marketing and growth expert, best known for helping clients accelerate sustainable growth by providing executive-level counsel on building customer-centric brands focused on change creation, management and implementation.

Bradley has been instrumental in helping some of the world’s most recognizable brands create stronger competitive barriers through forward-thinking strategies focused on indoctrinating internal and external stakeholders and building brands that reap the benefits of a cult-like adoration.

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Chris K.

Chris Kneeland is the co-founder and CEO of Cult Collective. His professional passion is helping brand leaders master new ways of engaging customers, prospects and staff.

Chris regularly speaks at high-profile conferences like SouthbySouthwest, Global Shop, Inbound, NRF, CMA, Digidayand The Gathering, which he co-founded. In addition, he is an adjunct professor at Mount Royal University, holds a Master’s degree in Marketing Communications from Northwestern University, and a Bachelor of Arts from Brigham Young University.


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