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Cult Brand Secrets is an anthology of the most compelling presentations shared at The Gathering Summit, an annual event for business and brand leaders eager to learn, connect and grow. Each episode features a leader behind an iconic brand and gives insights into how organizations can better connect with customers, prospects and staff.

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About the Host.

Chris Kneeland CEO, co-founder, Fix author, Cult



Chris Kneeland is co-founder and CEO of Cult Collective LP, an international marketing services firm headquartered in Calgary, Alberta. Prior to forming Cult, Chris was S.V.P. of Retail Marketing at RAPP in Dallas, Texas, consulting for Best Buy, HEB Grocery, Supervalu, Lenscrafters, Hyatt, and others. Chris also held marketing management positions within John Deere and The Home Depot. Chris has a bachelor's degree in Marketing Communications from Brigham Young University and a Master's Degree of Integrated Marketing from Northwestern University. 


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